Friday, 3 March 2017

FRS 102 Resources

FRS 102 Resources


Illustrative Financial Statements / Model Accounts

For-Profit Entities

UK GAAP illustrative financial statements: FRS 102 example accounts for 2015 year ends by PwC

FRS 102 accounts template in Microsoft Word by BDO

FRS 102 illustrative group financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2013 by EY


Non-Profit Entities

Examples of accounts for charities applying FRS 102 and the Charities SORP by the UK Charity Commission and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

Specimen accounts for independent schools applying FRS 102 and the Charities SORP by Crowe Clark Whitehill


Disclosure Checklists

Ask your auditor for their disclosure checklists. They will hit the moon with your proactiveness and willingness to complete them – most of the clients that we have worked with have not completed a disclosure checklist in their lives. For those who do, with no offence, they usually complete it incorrectly. We ourselves find completing them very tough going – this is considering that we have been doing it for years!

Any disclosure checklists that you purchase or find online are essentially regurgitation of the disclosure requirements that are found in the FRS 102 standard into a formatted and pretty looking document for your completion. Practically speaking, there is nothing to stop you from:

  • Printing the tables of contents from the FRS 102 standard and annotating the accounting topics/sections that are relevant to the entity
  • Printing the pages containing the disclosure requirements from the FRS 102 standard of the relevant accounting topics and annotating against each requirement
  • Printing the pages containing the company law disclosure requirements and annotating against each requirement


Non-Profit Entities

Financial disclosure reporting checklist for Charities SORP (FRS 102) by Crowe Clark Whitehill


Accounting Standard

FRS 102: The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland (September 2015)

The latest full version of FRS 102 comprising 378 pages in total. This is much more manageable as compared to the old UK and Irish GAAP.

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